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Sassafras Marketing: Making Every Dday Earth Day

Even though the calendar says that Earth Day isn’t for another six months, taking care of the environment and protecting our earth and its resources is a 365-day-a-year proposition.  We are proud that Sassafras Marketing’s team members work remotely which cuts down on our impact on the environment.

We are taking our cars off the road by not commuting; which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and pollutes the air and water less. Our remote workforce also eliminates the need to heat, cool and light an office building.

Since we work out of our homes we use less paper, opting for digital files. This means cutting down on the need for more physical space. We love the cloud. It is not only environmentally friendly but is a very efficient and effective way to file share. Our carbon footprint is small – but our output is BIG!

Many of our clients also share the same values when it comes to conservation and being environmentally friendly.  We want to congratulate The Coca-Cola Company for recently announcing that they had achieved their water replenishment goals 5 years early. Kudos to Coca-Cola!

Let’s keep up the good work – Mother Nature depends on us!


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