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Sassafras Agency Meeting: Spring has Sprung!

Sassafras Marketing had our annual spring meeting a few weeks ago in Kansas City. These meetings are essential to our agency’s growth and our team’s morale since we are a virtual agency with employees in seemingly every neck of the woods! Each year we get together for three days in the spring and fall to learn, grow, and have a little (a lot of) fun! We were in KC May 9-11 and the meeting was loads of fun and an excellent creative recharge!

Meeting Day 1:

We started our meeting off as we like to do at Lake Quivira with lunch. After lunch, we dedicated a session to discussing the future of the company and brainstormed ideas for the company. Next up: a team-building activity. Jenny Holton is excellent at creating and facilitating team-building exercises!! 

That evening for dinner, we all went back to the Holton’s house for some Zarda BBQ. (What would a trip to KC be without BBQ?) Once we had our fill of BBQ, it was time to make some dessert with “The Flavor Challenge.” We broke into four teams for The Flavor Challenge and each team had four ingredients to cook with plus (wait for it) a secret ingredient. Each team had the opportunity to brainstorm recipe ideas ahead of time to make with their ingredients. Teams had forty minutes to make their dessert for the audience to judge on presentation and taste. Each team created a name and logo that went on their team aprons.

Sassy Steppers VS: Choppin Chica’s from The Bitchin Kitchen

The ingredients for the first competition:

  1. Raspberries

  2. Cheerios

  3. Jicama/ Sweet Potatoes

  4. Frozen Minute Maid

Secret ingredient: Marshmallow Cream

Winner of this competition: Choppin Chica’s from The Bitchin Kitchen

Bakeologists VS: What the Fork

The ingredients for the second competition:

  1. Blueberries

  2. Oats

  3. Avocados

  4. Zico Coconut water

Secret ingredient: Banana Chips

Winner of this competition: What the Fork

It goes without saying that we had wonderful prizes for winners to select from! Winners could choose from:

  1. Pancake pen

  2. Onion chopping goggles

  3. Vegetable Spiralizer

  4. Condiment gun dispenser

Meeting Day 2: 

We started the day at the Lenexa Public Market for our meetings. A cool food hall and market with an even cooler vibe! It was a day filled with sharpening our company processes, discussing the operations side of the business and a little creative hoopla!

After some much-needed grub, we participated in an activity called “Free the Genie.” Free the Genie cards involve creative thinking for open-minded people committed to bringing something new and extraordinary to the business. Everyone received a card with a specific business task. Each member presented their innovative ideas and how they would turn it into action.

Then – more grub! We love to eat at Sassafras! Dinner at Port Fonda in Westport. Everyone enjoyed the Mexican cuisine in a fun, clubby atmosphere! After dinner, it was time for some jams. We walked to a Karaoke bar called Offkey in Westport. We rock it out all night to our favorite hits. Let’s just say we are better at eating than singing. After Offkey, we kept the party going at a bar in Brookside before departing for the night (or was it morning?!)

Meeting Day 3: 

We ended our fantastic meeting back at Lake Quivera. To get things started, Ashley and Geoff announced the IncentFit winners. The winners who will be going on a trip this November are Trevor Barley, Sara Rhodes, Ashley Scherzer & Shannon Redding. To read more about IncentFit and Sassafras’s dedication to fitness and employee wellness, click here.  Our time together ended the best way we know how…by celebrating! We were thrilled to celebrate and recognize six of our colleagues who were marking Sassafras anniversaries. Congratulations to all!  Until next time, Sassafras-ers!


Trevor Barley: 2 years

Sarah McNamara: 3 years

Tara Mercado: 4 years

Andrea Oliver: 8 years


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